3 Easy Steps to Make Passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit is a fruit that has several advantages and a nutritious nutritional profile. It has significant amounts of vitamin A, which is crucial for skin, eyesight, and the immune system, as well as vitamin C, a crucial antioxidant.

The following nutrients are provided by a reliable source in milligrams (mg), international units (IU), or grams (g):

Vitamin A with 229 IU

Potassium 63 mg

Magnesium 5 mg

Vitamin C dose: 5.4 mg

2 mg calcium

Iron 0.29 mg

Fiber, 1.9 grams


A healthy body also needs phosphorus, niacin, and vitamin B-6, all of which are found in passion fruit.


Passion Fruit Juice is healthy and low in sugar. This is why people use passion fruit juice to obtain the vitamins and nutrients from fruit and use it in their diet. This article aims to introduce some easy steps to make passion fruit juice.


Step 1: Blitz

Fill the remaining space in the jar of a powerful blender with water after adding your passion fruit pulp. You don’t want to crush the seeds; you simply want to loosen up all the lovely golden juice from them!

Step 2: Strain

Use a fine-mesh filter to collect any tiny seed fragments in this situation. Nobody wants juice with crunch! You can easily capture all the seeds here as long as you didn’t over-blend them.

Step 3: Sweetening

Mix with water in a pitcher. Stir thoroughly and don’t add it all at once. Check the flavor intensity with a taste, then adjust the sweetness until it is just right.



Sweet as Sugar:

Feel free to substitute your preferred sweetener here. Granulated sweeteners work just as well, while liquid sweeteners are typically simpler to use in cold liquids.

If you can’t get whole passion fruit nearby, you can buy frozen puree instead. But be aware that some frozen packets contain puree, which may be diluted immediately with water without the need for a blender, while others have pulp, which this method combines up.

Create A Concentrate:

You can easily create a passion fruit juice concentrate by producing puree from the fruit. To have passion fruit juice available at all times, freeze it into cubes. Simply add water!

Buy a Ready-to-drink Passion Fruit Juice:

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