About Nawon

Nawon Food and Beverage Company Limited was established in early 2018 with the passion to introduce Vietnam tropical healthy drinks all over the world. Our modern factory consists of 10 production lines which help us supply 300 containers per month. After only 2 years, we have exported to more than 90 countries and territories all around the world.


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Meet Our Team

Nawon has a total of more than 500 employees including production staffs and office staffs.

All production staff are thoroughly trained in food hygiene and safety plus knowledge of production hazards.

Important Milestones

Nawon is a leader in the production of fresh tropical fruit products. Established in 2018, Nawon’s products have been present in more than 90 countries and regions so far. In particular, Nawon’s products have met the strictest standards of developed countries such as the US, Canada, Switzerland, Russia, UK, Korea, Singapore, etc.


Established Nawon Beverage Co., Ltd. In Vietnam to sell fruit juices.


Developing beverage production line in PET cans and aluminum can. Penetrating more than 50 new markets in just 1 year of operation. The main products include: fruit juice, coconut water, aloe vera juice.


Expanding more production lines for PP bottles and glass bottles with different sizes. In addition, adding more PET bottles and cans lines to serve the increasing customers’ demand. Joining many International fairs and exhibitions and achieving many important certifications in the food and beverage industry.


Penetrating more than 90 markets around the world, gaining the trust of customers when gaining many important certificates such as: USSDA ORRGANIC, EU ORGANIC, HALAL, ISO, GMP, FSSC,… Also, Nawon Co., Ltd has also expanded and launched many product line such as: basil seed drinks, chia seed drinks, coffee, energy drinks, carbonated water, tea drinks…

JB’FRESH was created in 2021 with the aim of expanding into premium market share.


Achieving BRCGS certificate which ensures the product quality when imported into many markets around the world, especially Europe and American market.

International Fairs and Exhibitions

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Frequent Asked Questions

Is it possible to produce products created from our own beverage formula?

Definitely yes, we are beverage manufacturer from Vietnam. We do have factory and technology to create your own drinks. Make sure your ready beverage formula taste well, and unique, because it is your key to success. If you have no formula in hand, we are here to help!

What kinds of right kind of packaging for my products?

It is your decision to pack your own products. Make sure to keep these questions when it comes to pack your products: (1) What kinds of packaging will appeal my targerted customers? (2) Is the supplier able to pack the products as my requirement?
Nawon Food and Beverage could produce beverage in the variety of packaging for you such as: Aluminum can, PET bottle, PP bottle, Glass bottle,…

How to choose the right kind of label for my new beverage?

Label plays an important role to define your position in customer’s minds. If you still wonder how to create your own label, we are here to help!

What type of box or tray will you use to pack your beverage for shipping to retailers?

It is your decision to pack your own products. There are some questions that you should keep in mind: (1) Will I use a box or tray? (2) If its a tray will I use shrink film and will the film be decorated? How many pieces should I put into each case?

Where should your beverage manufacturer be located in relation to the market that you are going to supply?

It is better to produce the produce the products close to your market or use foreign beverage manufacturer to get a low MOQ at reasonable price.
At Nawon, we accept low MOQ and supply them at very affordable price for our customers.

How many case should I produce when I first get started manufacturing beverages? Should I be worried about over producing or should I be more concerned about running out of drinks? Who should I ask about this very important decision?

These questions are quite common when you first penetrate into the beverage industry. With the significant expereinces in this area. Our Sale expert are here to assist you.